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Los Angeles Surfing Lessons


2013 Private Surf Lesson Package Rates:
$450 for 5 private lessons 

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A package is a great way to go if your goal is to make surfing a new hobby.  In four one-on-one private surf lessons we will cover the topics and teach the skills necessary for you to surf comfortably at your local break.  All lessons include the use of a surfboard and wetsuit.  Below is a breakdown of what will be covered in each lesson. 

Lesson 1:  Topics covered include wave formation, checking the surf, water safety, surfing etiquette, and surfing equipment.  We will focus on the techniques of paddling through the surf, catching waves, and how to properly stand-up on the board.  Approximately 30-minutes of on-land instruction and 1-hour of surfing in the water.  

Lesson 2:  A more detailed look into wave formation and elements affecting waves and the surfing conditions.  Review of surfing etiquette and instruction on how to surf on your own.  Approximately 15-minutes of on-land instruction and the remaining time in the water.  

Lesson 3:  Depending on your ability you may take some time between your second and third lesson to try to surf on your own.  Return for your third lesson with questions from your solo surfing experience and we will focus on where you were having trouble.  We will touch on turning and riding unbroken waves and will provide information on purchasing your own equipment.

Lesson 4:  Take more time between the third and fourth lesson to see where you're at with your surfing.  The goal in this lesson is to paddle out past the surf line and catch the unbroken waves with the other surfers.  Put all the knowledge you've picked up from the first 3 lessons and your solo experience and take it to the real waves. 

Keep in mind that surfing is a very difficult sport and people advance at different speeds.  The information in the lesson plans above will vary from person to person and may need to be covered in more than four lessons.  

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