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Los Angeles Surfing Lessons

Kelly Zaun. Huntington Beach

Ready to take your surfing to the next level? 
Whether you're looking to join the
Mira Costa Surf Team, Surf Class, MBMS Surf P.E., or NSSA Competitions,
We've got you covered!

Our advanced surf instruction is designed to improve the skills and strategies of young surfers with the desire to surf and/or compete at the highest level. We accommodate both male and female, longboard and shortboard, and surfers with or without competitive experience.

Our coaches include longtime South Bay competitive surfers Jamie Meistrel, Kelly Zaun, and Dayton Silva, NSSA College dominator, Jon Mangiagli, and NSSA National Longboard Champion, Tommy Ostendorf. Each instructor is CPR and First-Aid certified and has significant competition experience. 

Instruction will vary based on each surfer's ability and goals. Below are some examples of what we can offer:

One-on-one or Group Instruction: Choose whether you would like to surf one-on-one with any of our instructors or bring some friends along and improve together. All lessons will have a 1 instructor to 4 student ratio.

Vast Ocean Knowledge: All of our instructors are great watermen with a wealth of information to share with their students.  Ocean knowledge, safety, and awareness will be a major focus in each lesson.

Contest Preparation: We offer contest strategies and run mock heats to prepare for events or tryouts. We will help register for events, as well as travel to contest sites before and during events to prepare and provide competitive strategies.

Sponsorship Solicitation: We can assist surfers in organizing surfing portfolios for sponsorship in addition to introducing them to potential local sponsors and Middle and High School surfing faculty. 

Advanced instruction is offered year round and can be scheduled to fit your needs.  Contact Us for more information to set up a program that works for you.

Manhattan Beach - Los Angeles - California
Phone: 424.237.2994 | Fax: (310)356.6982 




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