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Los Angeles Surf Lessons
Learn to Surf in Los Angeles
Private or Group Surfing Lessons
in Manhattan Beach

"It's not how good you can surf, it's how good you can surf in 20 minutes"

So, you want to be a contest surfer. You've been surfing a couple years now and think you're pretty good. You can surf better than your friends can. You can surf better than everyone in Santa Monica can.

If you really believe you're good, take a drive to a local hot spot like El Porto in Manhattan Beach or the Huntington Beach Pier. Try to get there early to watch the locals surf before they head off to school and work. Gauge how you would do against a few of them. Don't compare yourself to the surfers at Trestles, you may quit surfing when you see how good those guys are.

Ok you've convinced yourself you are good enough to compete. Start off by surfing in a few local contests. If you're not beating the local competition you probably wont have much of a chance in the NSSA (National Scholastic Surfing Association) contests. But if you have $50 to throw away a couple times a month and enjoy competition, why not? These contests are very well organized and can be a lot of fun.

Understand that judging a contest is very subjective and it is not easy to come to town and beat the surfers that have established reputations. At first you'll notice that the established surfers get a higher score than you do for an identical ride. Don't take it too hard, it's part of contest surfing, contestants go through this from the beginning up through the Pro ranks. In boxing it is said that to beat the champ, you have to really beat him bad. So it is with surfing.

If you're any good and you stick with it you'll make some finals and maybe walk away with some hardware. You may even win once in awhile, and the new guys will complain about your scores.

Contests are traditionally held at beaches that are known to have good and consistent waves. How often do you get to ride great waves with just 3 other guys in the water? This may be the best reason to compete and the more heats you win the more you get to surf.

Another plus is you'll meet good guys with the same interest as you. You will probably do some travelling together and make lifelong friends.

Go for it!

Manhattan Beach - Los Angeles - California
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